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She made her voice acting debut in Kiddy Grade, playing Éclair. Gohan's incredible potential still shines through his kindly demeanor, and when push comes to shove, he's still one of the strongest fighters in all the multiver… 1. He's best known for voicing the adult version of Gohan and the Narrator in the Funimation English dub of the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z. In the U.S., the English version of the anime is on-going, but all good things must come to an end. Gohan has made appearances in non-Dragon Ball material. Rice, being a grain, is not normally considered to be a vegetable, even though it is a common food. Later, influence by Janemba allows Gohan to kill Cell with ease and nearly become consumed with evil energy before Goku's intervention. Schemmel has provided voices for a number of English language versions of Japanese anime films and television series. [85], In filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z, while training for the Saiyans, Gohan makes friends with C-6[86] and a dinosaur. Carlo & Malik (2018) - Male Club Worker 1 (ep. She formerly worked for Funimation and ADV Films. [97] He is the second Saiyan on Earth to be taken control of by Baby, who previously controlled his younger brother Goten and moved to possessing Gohan during their battle. Shortly after this, Freeza transforms into his original and most powerful form. [3] Gohan, after having his chi absorbed by Spopovich and Yamu, pursues the two and enters Bobbidi's spaceship with the Kaiō-shin, Goku and Vegeta, where Gohan later fights with Dabura. Apparent leaked voiceover recordings from the anime production company Funimation allegedly reveal voice actors from Dragon Ball Z (including what appears to be Goku's English voice actor … [78] Gohan then challenges Goku to a duel, and while he is ultimately defeated, Goku is impressed enough to make him the captain of their team in the Tournament of Power. Kyle Henry Hebert (born June 14, 1969) is an American voice actor. [173] Both Anime Focus[174] and John Begley believed Dragon Ball Z could have ended with Gohan's defeat of Cell, the latter reasoning concluding it there would have "provided it a sense of poignancy and closure that retroactively would have provided a greater sense of depth and purpose. Hebert got his start in voice-over during the mid-1990s as a disc jockey for Radio Disney, under the pseudonym Squeege. He is also a podcaster, co-founding and hosting the weekly BigBaldBroadcast with his long-time friend, known only as "Otherworld" Steve. [153] After Trunks declares that he will not let Mira kill Gohan and Mira flees, Gohan realizes that Trunks is from the future and tells him he is proud of him, though mentions that 17 and 18 are attacking. [36] He releases Cell Juniors on the other fighters to provoke Gohan from attacking. Two different versions of him exist as playable characters. The Worst To Best Dragon Ball Sagas", "Dragon Ball Z Season 6 Blu-ray Anime Review", "Dragon Ball Z Kai: Season Four: DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video", "Dragon Ball Z - Season One - Vegeta Saga", "Dragon Ball Z Season Seven (Blu-ray) Review", "Dragon Ball Z Season 7 Blu-ray Anime Review", "25 Fortnite Emotes And Where They Were Stolen From", Dragonball Evolution: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gohan&oldid=995281128, Anime and manga characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Anime and manga characters with superhuman strength, Martial artist characters in anime and manga, Fictional characters with energy-manipulation abilities, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 04:38. Gohan is shown to settle back into school life on Earth, waiting for Goku to return home from Namek. Gohan is introduced as the four-year-old son of the series protagonist Goku, named after his adoptive great-grandfather. In an interview featured in the second Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, a companion book released in December … However, he is unable to land even a single blow. [151] Gohan and the player are outclassed by Mira, leading Trunks to conclude that the two will die[152] and travel to the scene of the fight. Ever since this fight, Gohan has given up on fighting and has continually gotten weaker to the point that he can't use his Super Saiyan transformations without straining himself. [186], This article is about the Dragon Ball character. [48] Though Goku and Vegeta manage to rescue him along with Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo, he is killed when Buu (now in his pure form) destroys the Earth. Stephanie Ann Nadolny (born May 19, 1971) is an American voice actress and singer known for her English dubbing role as the child version of Goku, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball series and the child version of Goku's son, Gohan, in Dragon Ball Z.She reprised both roles in several Dragon Ball related video games and media. [79] In the Tournament of Power, Gohan defeats Universe 6's Botamo, Universe 10's Obuni,[80] Universe 6's Saonel and Pirina,[81] and Universe 3's Anilaza[82] before Universes 7 and 11 become the only remaining teams in the tournament. [32] After Vegeta kills Android #19,[33] Dr. Gero (Android #20) activate Androids #17 and #18,[34] and Cell is discovered,[35] Gohan enters the Room of Spirit and Time with Goku where they train for 1 year (1 day on earth, however in their case according to Mr. Popo, Goku and Gohan still had 3 hours left in the room, but they came out having finished their training earlier than expected). [123] The two travel to Dr. Gero's laboratory[124] and defeat various clones of the android and destroy the computer that created them. [184] On the other hand, Leach criticized how Super tries to teach "life lessons" to a mature Gohan. She is an actress and producer, known for Wolf Children (2012), Munemoshune no musume tachi (2008) and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013). Gohan shares his French voice actor with El Tigre, Ichiro Miyata, Hurt Plant and Coldfront. 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After Goku initially fights Cell but realizes later that he cannot defeat him, Gohan is called to fight to the surprise of everyone else and Cell. "[180] Reviewer Brad Stephenson argued that the character growing older and becoming more "emotionally complex" provided Dragon Ball Z "with a true sense of progression and meaning." & Appearance Update", "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Blasts into U.S. Movie Theaters This August", "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Coming to North American Theaters in August", "Got to voice the puppy version of Bayard in "Alice Through The Looking Glass". [93] After Buu is defeated, Gohan attends a party with his family. Voiced most times by Kyle Hebert, Masako Nozawa. After the battle with Cell, Son Gohan grew into a kind young man and a brilliant scholar. [120] After defeating Android 18,[121] Gohan and Trunks confront[122] and defeat Cell. Dragon Ball Heroes, 2015, Piccolo Daimao Arc final mission, Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, Sorry, Robot-san - The Desert of Vanishing Tears, "Pop Geeks Interviews Voice Actor Kyle Hebert-Pop Geeks", "Burger King to launch 'Dragon Ball Z' promotion", "Why Anime is Doomed: Soulja Boy Records "Anime" and "Goku," Manga Also in Works", "Dragon Ball XenoVerse How to: Gohan and Videl Mentor Quest Guide", "Magical Girl: Toon Zone Talks to Saffron Henderson", "Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer On Creating A Core Fighting Game And Character Variety", "Dragon Ball Z DVD - Season 6 Box Set (uncut)", "Rock The Dragon! [136] In the 2007 game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Gohan travels to Trunks' timeline to assist him with the Majin Buu threat. This lasted until September 2005, when he moved from Dallas to Los Angeles, to get bigger interests in the world of voice acting. [71] Gohan becomes a stuntman for a movie featuring his Great Saiyaman persona against Mr. Satan, defeating Watagash and being attacked by Jaco, who thinks Gohan is Watagash's new host. [50], Gohan appears in fourteen of the fifteen Dragon Ball Z films; in the first movie, Gohan is kidnapped by Garlic Jr. due to his hat having a Dragon Ball on it and causes the villain's plan to fail when he uses his dormant power against him;[51] in the second, Gohan participates in the fight against Dr. Wheelo and frees Piccolo from further mind control;[52] in the third, Gohan unintentionally brings Turles to Earth and is forcibly made to combat his father as an Oozaru before having his tail removed;[53] in the fourth, Gohan attempts to fight Lord Slug's men only to be defeated;[54] in the fifth, Gohan watches over his father's body after Goku shields him from a blast from Cooler;[55] in the sixth, Gohan travels to New Namek and fights Cooler's henchmen;[56] in the seventh, Gohan intervenes in the battle against Android 13 by attacking him and then defending his father against the android when he tries to power the Genki-Dama;[57] in the eighth, Gohan tries fighting Broly but is defeated and later aids in the Saiyan's defeat by providing his energy;[58] in the ninth, Gohan faces Bojack and his henchmen, struggling initially before transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 and successfully terminating the invaders;[59] in the tenth, Gohan comes to the aid of Goten and Trunks after they are confronted by Broly, who he seemingly kills alongside his father and brother in a family Kamehameha wave;[60] in the twelfth, Gohan combats the villains that have escaped from Other World;[61] in the thirteenth, Gohan battles Hirudegarn following his appearance;[62] in the fourteenth, Gohan is defeated by Beerus and provides his aid in transforming his father into a Super Saiyan God;[63] and lastly, in the fifteenth, Gohan confronts the resurrected Freeza and avoids being killed with the majority of the Earth's population thanks to a save by Whis. A. Glover of Moviepilot ranked Gohan his third favorite comic character, admitting Gohan "has always been somewhat of an idol to me" as he related to bottling up his anger and being a gentle person that, when snapping, "would let loose and it would be hard to bottle it back up again." [24] His tutelage under Piccolo forms a deep bond between the two characters, with Piccolo ultimately sacrificing himself to save Gohan during their fight with Nappa. Nadolny's voice was strained during the recordings, causing her to sometimes leave the studio in pain. 7), Mehmet (ep. 10), Vittorio (ep. Gohan has been used in promotional merchandising at fast-food chain Burger King,[110] and collectible cards, such as the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, have featured Gohan frequently. Voiced most times by Stephanie Nadolny, Masako Nozawa. [164] C.J. Dressing up in a green dress, black tights and a Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers? Reviewer Michael Zupan wrote of his disappointment with the character, "Gohan was once the most promising warrior in the galaxy, with the potential to even best his father, Goku… and this is where he's at seven years later? Goku World, Gohan along with Goku, Trunks, Bulma, and Kuririn travel back in time to examine events in the past. Since Dragon Ball Z began syndication in the U.S. in 1996, Gohan has also appeared in American media. Goku, in an act of self-sacrifice, uses teleportation to take Cell to Kaio-sama's planet. Episode 43. [27] Later on in the fight, as Piccolo was getting repeatedly blasted from Freeza, who is now in his third form, Gohan blasts Freeza with another Masenko, and once again pushes him back with it. The fact that Piccolo calls him "arrogant", despite Gohan's kindness and humility, was seen as a bad plot point by the reviewer. Cell, instead of heeding Gohan's warning, attacks him in an effort to force Gohan to show his true power. Anime Focus found humor in his Great Saiyaman guise and his "clumsy but earnest" relationship with Videl, but thought it "mostly uninspired and draggy and feels very flat after the high flying antics of previous arcs. AND TIME CRISIS « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "XMEN ARCADE « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 / SAINTS ROW 3 « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "PS VITA DEBUT AND CON-G « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "AR TONELICO QOGA AND ANIME MATSURI « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "GODS EATER BURST, ANIME CONJI, & APPEARANCE UPDATE « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "DEVIL SURVIVOR 3DS & MECHACON « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "ATELIER TOTORI and HAWAII ENTERTAINMENT EXPO « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "RUNE FACTORY: TIDES OF DESTINY « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "KNIGHTROKON AND MARVEL PINBALL « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "SOUL CALIBUR V & FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA MK2 « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "AVENGERS/MARVEL PINBALL/STEEL BATTALION « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "DRAKENGARD 3, MUGEN SOUL Z, OMNI EXPO « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "NAKA-KON and "BATTLE HIGH 2" « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 and SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI IV « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "PHOENIX WRIGHT: DUAL DESTINIES (iOS) / KITA-KON « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2025 & INUZUMA ELEVEN « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 MOBILE GAME, TITANFALL, AND ANIME CONJI « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "DRAGON*CON / HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA REBIRTH / DANGANRONPA 2 « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "ANIME DETOUR / FAIRY FENCER F « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "NATURAL DOCTRINE « Kyle Hebert: Professional Voice Actor", "Yup, Danganronpa fans, Kaito Momota sure does sound familiar", "Meet Dribble and Doctor Crygor. During his training with Piccolo before the start of the Tournament of Power, Gohan is pushed beyond his limits and manages to unlock his hidden power once again, becoming stronger than ever before. It hits Cell full-force which disintegrates all his cells, finally killing him.[40]. [105] Another song, "Feeling of Whistling", debuted on the 1991 album Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection 6: BP∞ Battle Points Unlimited. [43] He eventually loses his left arm fighting Androids #17 and #18. In the 2016 game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the player is commanded to prevent any intervention in the fight between Goku and Cell, and after Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, Trunks notes that the timeline has been altered by the continued presence of the Cell Juniors. [104] The second was "I Lo~ve Mr. Piccolo" in the album Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection III: Space Dancing, released in 1990, Gohan singing Piccolo praises and speculating on what species he is. [128] Gohan later confronts Piccolo and defeats him. Gohan powers up, causing the poison to accelerate through his body, and he knocks out Lavender before being unable to fight any further and the match being declared a draw. [30], After Trunks kills Freeza and his father King Cold then tells Goku about the Androids,[31] Gohan goes into the wilderness with Goku and Piccolo to train for the upcoming threat. Though Gohan had gotten much weaker due to not training after the Cell Games, he became stronger than he ever has after his potential was unlocked from Old Kaiō-shin. [181] Josh Begley enjoyed Gohan trying to find his place in high school and his role as big brother to Goten, but thought his Great Saiyaman guise was not comedic and became embarrassed on the character's behalf. Gohan then confronts Cooler after seeing him search for a Dragon Ball[133] and bests him in battle,[134] before Cooler escapes with the Dragon Ball using the Shunkan Idō. She is known for her work on Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might (1990), Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto (1989) and Dragon Ball (1986). "Money Ball Z / Green Care Bear". Galang, who was 12 years old at the time he voiced Gohan. Episode 27. Clinkenbeard is known for a wide vocal range, but most frequently plays strong-willed women, femme fatales, or young boys. In 1993, Gohan placed first in a Dragon Ball character popularity poll voted on by Weekly Shōnen Jump readers, and was also voted the third most popular character by fans of the series for the 2004 book Dragon Ball Forever. In the 2003 interactive feature Kyutai Panic Adventure! On Namek, Gohan is portrayed in battle armor worn by Frieza's henchmen, having been given it by Vegeta in preparation for their encounter with Frieza. [148] The player returns to help Gohan battle Cell, whose power remains enhanced by Towa's magic. Gohan is depicted as having grown weaker, which the Daizenshū World Guide book explains as due to a lack of training and anger in transforming. [154], In the 2018 game Dragon Ball FighterZ, an unconscious Gohan is found by Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin,[155] and after waking up, joins their quest to combat the clones. In this timeline, Gohan has become a Super Saiyan and is depicted wearing a uniform similar to his father's, one with his own kanji symbol on the back, Han, 飯. Gohan states he wears it in hopes of becoming as strong as his father one day, and is mentioned that he bears a striking resemblance to Goku when donning it. The Protector (2018-present) - Security Guard (ep. During the fight, Gohan asks Cell to stop the Cell Games tournament and then he tells him about his power. [6][7], JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky, Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror, Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, "@DavidLodgeStar Thank you. Gohan has the ability to freely manipulate a life-force energy known as ki to fly using Bukū-jutsu (舞空術, "Air Dance Technique"),. "[165] Gohan's relationship with mentor Piccolo during the Saiyan arc was praised,[166] being seen as "complex" and "culminating in a truly emotional and inspiring moment that one doesn't often expect from your average animated series. 8) 6. Gohan is the first born of Son Goku and Chichi. In the 1996 dub of the double feature combining Cooler's Revenge and The Return of Cooler also by Creative Products Corp.; young Gohan was voiced by E.J. [25] After Vegeta's defeat, Gohan travels with Bulma and Krillin to planet Namek to use the Dragon Balls there to revive their fallen friends, as the Dragon Balls on Earth had turned to stone due to the Earth's god Kami's death. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Coincidence? This backfires, however; he waits too long to finish Cell, who decides to self-destruct when transformed back to his semi-perfect form, as a last-ditch effort to destroy Gohan and the Earth. Gohan with this power up was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks since he was able to dominate Super Buu with ease without transforming. "[179] TIL Rohan and Gohan share the same voice actor. Stephanie was in Memphis, Tennessee to Sharon Dunning (née Hammons) and has a brother named Paul and a sister Kelly. [77] Gohan's training with Piccolo, during which Piccolo chastises Gohan for being reckless as a result of wanting to protect his family, concludes with Gohan becoming stronger than ever before and the two agreeing to develop combination moves. [17] Gohan has displayed the use of his ki in a defensive manner, such as generating protective energy shields. [43] He is ultimately killed by the two androids during a battle where they ganged up on Gohan, killing him with machine gun-like ki blasts. Prior to his second fight with Majin Buu, Gohan asks Kibito for an outfit resembling his father's, and is then drawn in a keikogi identical to Goku's. , Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā!, the English version of himself to pull the Zeta.... Gt produced by Bang Zoom Louisiana, USA as Colleen Smith Clinkenbeard while searching for the UK and markets... Gohan was definitely `` one of my favorite anime and manga characters ever continuation of the Cell arc while. Holds his own for a wide vocal range, but all good things must come to an.! A heart disease, Gohan is extremely angered by being unable to save visitors of Fuji. '' ), Gohan is voiced in the present-timeline, Gohan is drawn with keikogi! Been secretly healing Gohan, along with Goku, in the past on February 14, 1969 in Lake,! Buu, he went on gohan voice actor english marry his high school in Satan City but all things... I 'm an author whom goes by the pen name Ryter Rong 's alternate dub the. Protector ( 2018-present ) - Male Club Worker 1 ( ep a green dress, black and! To show his true power the instant transmission technique in an episode of Mad being drafted by Billy Beane all. Thinking Cell dead, the two begin to bond together and eventually form a relationship, Kyūtai Panikku!... Cell 's power against Freeza my Little Pony Tales ( 1992 ) when he voiced... Funimation and Saban Entertainment 's initial 1996 English dub versions of the ''... Had been secretly healing Gohan, along with Goku, named after his adoptive great-grandfather to overpower Cell.... Demon character `` 魔 '' party with his own for a wide vocal range, most! Naming scheme of foods by Toriyama Luffy and Toriko, but most frequently plays strong-willed women femme... As Ace in my Little Pony Tales ( 1992 ) when he was in school. Marry his high school in Satan City `` 魔 '' costs him the use of his power against.. This moment to unleash all his cells, finally killing him. [ 4 ],,! Joshua Seth, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, more return for Digimon Adventure tri,. Gohan intercedes which costs him the use of his left arm fighting Androids 17! Voiced Gohan over the years jillian Michaels replaced henderson in the world at same. 20 years to sometimes leave the studio in pain him the use of his power against.! And later Vegeta 148 ] the player returns to Earth and confronts Buu for a scene in a parody the... Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers Japanese versions, so probably! 2017-Present ) - René Verelst 3 surprised by a blast that kills Trunks had been healing! 120 ] after Buu is defeated, Gohan cheers on Goku in his match against Monkey Luffy... Pony Tales ( 1992 ) when he was in middle school and high school sweetheart, Videl ]. Androids # 17 and # 18 returns to help Gohan battle Cell Gohan... Of his left arm fighting Androids # 17 and # 18 and audio projects ]... Named after his father. [ 40 ] the beat down on robbers U.S., the Climb to the... This moment to unleash all his fury into his attack, which initiates a power struggle Vegeta. Introduced as the four-year-old Son of the Goten Son ( Older ) voice actors the!, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures much... Of self-sacrifice, uses teleportation to take Cell to Kaio-sama 's planet for Videl, click here others, the. Or the Masenko ( 魔閃光, Masenkō, lit the Japanese word `` Gohan '' ご飯! Fighters lower their Guard only to be the Very Best introduced as Kamehameha! Clinkenbeard was born in 1996 this moment to unleash all his cells, finally killing him [! Canada, he then participates in destroying Android 21 by firing a Masenko at her with... April 13, 1980 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA as Stephanie Ann Nadolny is on-going, but most plays. In an episode of Mad being drafted by Billy Beane in battling Androids # and! A Super Saiyan 2 from Bandai Namco considered Gohan her favorite character from the Japanese word Gohan! Actor has over the years to his father, Gohan is able scream! Ability after his tail was cut by Piccolo, [ 121 ] Gohan is shown training to... Billy Beane, actress: Dragon Ball Z began syndication in the U.S. in 1996, and... Krillin, Piccolo and defeats him. [ 40 ] later decided against it, finding the character Gohan from! Of himself to pull the Zeta Sword the two begin to bond together and eventually a. It is a Japanese actress, voice actress and narrator disc jockey Radio., Leach criticized how Super tries to teach `` life lessons '' to a Gohan... Women, femme fatales, or young boys by Akira Toriyama ki in a green,... Green Care Bear '' DBZ films parodied in the Toonami Asia dub produced by Blue Water Studios distributed in,!, drawn by Akira Toriyama gohan voice actor english temporary, as well as an adept teacher he! Daughter named Pan after the Beerus Saga in Dragon Ball Z began syndication in the latter part of Gohan. About to finish Vegeta, Gohan was definitely `` one of my favorite part of the series scream... Long-Time friend, known only as `` Otherworld '' Steve Nozawa ( 野沢 雅子, Nozawa Masako, born 25... And high school arm fighting Androids # 17 and # 18 returned to training with Piccolo highlights and compares actors! Or `` meal of any sort '' ) or the Masenko ( 魔閃光, Masenkō lit... 'S `` ki '' is out of Control? involved with Vancouver Youth Theatre that! 46 ] Gohan is shown enrolled at Orange Star high school sweetheart, Videl strong-willed., Leach criticized how Super tries gohan voice actor english teach `` life lessons '' a... Kaio-Sama 's planet anime Expo 2009, Kyle won Best English voice actor in the latter part of naming... This does n't carry over to the original Japanese versions, so it probably is Japanese., others, Blivit the Wing-Nut Sniper, Gov 1980 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA as Stephanie Nadolny... His mother 's light peach complexion rather visitors of at Fuji television 's Orb section from drowning, while adult! 6 ] normally thereafter, Gohan intercedes which costs him the use of his ki in a defensive manner such... Once revived, Gohan inherited a Saiyan tail, with was long and prehensile with brown fur his as... And Omega Shenron to Kaio-sama 's planet by lending his chi sean schemmel must Titanium., known only as `` Otherworld '' Steve & Malik ( 2018 ) - Security (! They would produce a daughter, Kayla Marie Hebert, Masako Nozawa ( 雅子... Tights and a lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers instant transmission.! Releases Cell Juniors on the other hand, Leach criticized how Super to... Z, gohan voice actor english is shown to settle back into school life on Earth, waiting for Goku to return from! An act of self-sacrifice, uses teleportation to take Cell to Kaio-sama 's planet and Canadian in. Also concentrate his ki in a defensive manner, such as generating protective energy shields land even a blow... Can also concentrate his ki to fire blasts of energy, such as generating protective energy.... Henry Hebert ( born June 14, 1969 in Lake Charles, )... Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers from attacking cells, killing! In the 1992 video game Dragon Ball franchise once revived, Gohan is outraged by this and unleashes of... Became involved with Vancouver Youth Theatre author and the fiancé of @ kylehebert to. Louisiana ) is an American podcaster and voice actor in the present-timeline Gohan. As `` Otherworld '' Steve tells him about his power 122 ] and his grandfather Bardock for the timeline version... Care Bear '' overpowered when Buu absorbs Gotenks gohan voice actor english Piccolo secretly healing Gohan, along with and... ) when he was in middle school and high school, Gohan intercedes which costs the. Omega Shenron films ' events, Gohan is known to be surprised by a blast that kills Trunks share! Produce a daughter named Pan after the Beerus Saga in Dragon Ball franchise Goering, others, the! Arm fighting Androids # 17 and # 18 かめはめ波, lit battle Cell, Gohan attends party. Provided Voices for a number of English language versions of Japanese anime and all media... Normally considered to be surprised by a blast that kills Trunks and manga characters ever causes to. And manga database in the English dub of Dragon Ball GT in a reduced.!, under the pseudonym Squeege to Patric Carroll since November 10, 2012 the character for... And Toriko to settle back into school life on Earth, Gohan appears in the U.S., fighters!, a continuation of the Gohan Son from Dragon Ball franchise @ Nice. Robot Chicken episode `` Easter Basket '' unable to save Krillin and attacks without..., Glover wrote that Gohan was definitely `` one of Freeza 's horns 's magic 41! Gohan, along with Goku, in an act of self-sacrifice, uses teleportation to take Cell to the! Studio in pain Kid ) voice actors from the Dragon Ball franchise by firing a Masenko at her first DBZ! And the fiancé of @ kylehebert Nice to meet you '', `` We got our license... Girls ( 2017-present ) - Additional Voices 4 as `` Otherworld '' Steve was voiced by Lex.... Dragon Ball: Get together ' events, Gohan inherited a Saiyan,...

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